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Ömer Ömer

Change of sticky navigation with scrolling

Hi. I'm creating one page web site prototype in invisionapp. When I scrolling to the page when come to the related section, I want the selected title of the sticky navigation to change. How to do it?

For example sticky nav. (After open the link, please scrolling to see)



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Lala Galindo
InVision ambassador Lala Galindo , ambassador
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Hi Omer!

I don't think there's a way to create a scrolling to change sticky navs on desktop, like in your example. However, I've been able to fake it using gifs that simulates the action of scrolling and changing as it scrolls.

Let me know if that works!



Daniele Daddiego
InVision ambassador Daniele Daddiego , ambassador
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I will try this trick.



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