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Introducing Craft Player!

Designers need their digital prototyping tools to evolve with their workflows. That’s why we’re excited to announce Craft Player!

Rather than having to jump between Sketch and InVision, now you can preview how InVision prototypes play out right inside Sketch. With the addition of Craft Player to our plugin, you can spend less time switching between apps and browsers—and more time focused on your design workflow.

Use the new Craft Player to “play” the full prototype—with screen transitions, overlays, gestures, and across a range of devices—all within your Sketch design environment. You can iterate and test screen designs quickly and easily, alone or in front of an audience. And, for colleagues who prefer the InVision environment, the prototype can sync to InVision Cloud for commenting, inspecting designs for specs, and more.

Read the full announcement here and learn how to use Craft Player by reviewing this help documentation.





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