How do you onboard designers who are new to UX and have never worked with other UXers?

Specifically, new designers who are unfamiliar with agile, software development, or iterative design. In my case, I hire designers who show initiative and have a track record of being teachable. These hires largely do not have in-depth UX experience. 

My approach has been to have them shadow a senior UX designer from start to finish on a project, then take the lead on the next project with help from that senior UX designer.

Has anyone else experienced this? How have you approached it?



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    Kayden Knauss

    Although I haven't had experience yet in onboarding designers, when I was brought on as the only designer I was thankful to have had a manager that understood my passion to learn and dive deeper and thus became my mentor. I found it valuable to embrace continuous learning as a mindset so that I could understand my role as an interaction designer more fully. Whether it be shadowing a senior designer or having a mentor in an organization is something that has benefited in a professional/personal way, and hope that more companies embrace the value it can bring down the ranks!