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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Chan,

    Thank you for reaching out here in Community. I have responded to your comment on another Community thread as well. As stated in the other Community thread: 

    Per our announcement, as of Friday, September 14, 2018we no longer offer the Craft Library plugin for Sketch.You'll still be able to continue managing shared libraries and design systems within InVision’s Design System ManagerWe’ve poured our hearts into building DSM - a generational leap in how product teams manage shared libraries and design systems. 

    We encourage you to ensure all users on your team switch over to DSM to avoid any disruption to your workflow. To get started, you can import your existing Craft Libraries into DSM.

    Design System Manager is already part of the Craft Plugin suite and provides additional benefits including:

         - All your shared libraries are synced through InVision, so your teams always have access to the latest version of your libraries.
         - Many new features for managing libraries including documentation, custom folder categories.
         - The DSM Enterprise edition also includes versions, user role management and library permissions to allow more granular controls over your design systems.

    If you have feedback or concerns around this announcement, please contact us to share your thoughts.

    Note: We are only discontinuing Craft Library. All of our other current Craft plugins (like Sync, DSM, and Freehand) will continue to be available.