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Kayden Knauss

Resources for searching for design jobs

A lot of people have their strategy down when looking for a design job, but many might be lost or just starting to think about where to begin. What are your go-to resources for looking for design jobs? What do you like about them? I definitely feel like I have a rhythm down, but I'm always looking to explore other sites.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • LinkedIn (job postings and employee directory research)
  • Glassdoor (job postings and company reviews)
  • BuiltIn (interesting startups and job postings)
  • We Work Remotely (remote work)
  • UpWork (freelance and remote work)
  • Plain old Emailing (finding department heads and introducing yourself)

I think the key is to remain consistent and persistent and remember that serendipity plays a big part in where you should end up. Happy hunting!

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Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador
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My favorite way to go about job hunting is cold calls and cold emails. I do a ton of research and know exactly what value I can bring to a specific company, then I start contacting many people are the organization. I generally do not explicitly say I'm looking for a job. I found that people are very willing to meet for coffee for 30 minutes to network, but not to willing to chat with someone in the recruitment pipeline. This method has allowed me to make a ton of professional contact (let's be honest, most of these cold contacts don't result in a job). Having connections eventually leads to a job recommendation.

If I need a faster method, I go to LinkedIn and Indeed. I'm also part of several regional and national Slack channels that frequently post jobs. Those are great because often the job postings are more obscure and less people have access to them than the general internet population. 

At the end of the day it's a long process. I totally agree that patience and persistence pay off!


Lala Galindo
InVision ambassador Lala Galindo , ambassador
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I always recommend for everybody to have a kick-butt and savvy LinkedIn profile and presence. LinkedIn is the digital CV and as a designer, we must be picky who we want to have in our connections and make sure we have an active yearly conversation with those that we would like to be colleagues with. Embracing and expanding my design and tech network has given me so many opportunities from new jobs, small freelance work, giving/receiving mentorship, recruiting some of the best designers in my area, and even selling designs for royalty. 



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