Can't upload Sketch files to Invision

I've been trying for two days,

Everything has been uninstalled and re-installed.

Everything is up to date.

Every time I try and upload my files it directs me to download Craft Plugin again.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, I can't see any way around what I'm doing and I need to have everything setup by next Friday for user testing, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.




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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the trouble you are experiencing with the Craft plugin.

    You had mentioned uninstalling, I'd like to have you perform a more comprehensive, deep uninstall/reinstall of Craft using the steps below. Please skip any steps that are not applicable (e.g. if a file/folder mentioned is not present) and let me know if you get stuck anywhere along the way:

    1. Close Craft Manager (by clicking into the "C" > clicking the gear icon > choosing Close).
    2. Go into Sketch, and navigate to Plugins ➝ Manage Plugins.
    3. In the pop-up modal, select Craft by InVision Labs, and click the gear icon in the lower left and select the uninstall option. This will move some items to the trash.
    4. Quit Sketch entirely.
    5. Open the Activity Monitor (via Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor), and then force quit the Craft Manager and Panels (if applicable) processes.
    6. Open Spotlight and search for ~/Library/Application Support/
    7. Delete the com.invisionlabs.CraftManager folder, the com.invisionlabs.CraftManager.json file, the com.invisionlabs.CraftInstaller folder, and the CraftManager folder.
    8. Open the com.bohemiancoding.sketch3 folder.
    9. Delete the Panels folder (if applicable). Please note that these steps will remove any custom Type or Photos items you’ve created in Craft Data. If you'd like to preserve those, please go to ~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Panels/.settings and back up the file "com.invisionlabs.data."
    10. Open the Plugins folder.
    11. Delete the Panels.sketchplugin file (if applicable).
    12. Navigate to the Downloads folder.
    13. Search for craftinstaller and delete any files that deal with the Craft Installation process.
    14. In Applications or the folder in which you installed Craft Manager, delete CraftManager.app.
    15. Empty the Trash.
    16. Go to https://craft-assets.invisionapp.com/CraftManager/production/CraftManager.zip and unzip the CraftManager
    17. Drag and drop the Craft Manager app into your computer's "Applications" folder or the folder of your choice before launching it.
    18. Open Craft Manager and then install Craft for Sketch.
    19. If you had backed up the "com.invisionlabs.data" file before performing these steps: launch Sketch now in order to rebuild the ` ~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Panels/.settings ` directory. Then, place the backed up "com.invisionlabs.data" file in the ".settings" folder and restart Sketch to restore your custom Type & Photos items.

    Please let me know if this helps with your issue! 

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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    Luke Ylias

    Hi @Shaina

    I actually done these steps from one of your other posts with no success.

    I've tried again and still nothing.



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Luke,

    Bummer! I'm sorry to hear that you're still having issues. I appreciate you taking the time to perform the comprehensive uninstall and reinstall.

    As a next step, I would like for our Support team to take a closer look internally. I will be opening a ticket on your behalf with our Support team requesting some additional information that will help them troubleshoot. Please look for a message requesting this information, and once you have responded, our Support team will reach out shortly.