UX on a Budget

Many people work in places where the UX budget doesn't match the businesses expectations.

In these types of situations how do you to make the most of the UX tools available on limited resources? Do you make use of any free tools that you consider better than their payed equivalent? And how you convince stakeholders to invest what little budget they have?



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    Kayden Knauss

    I've been fortunate thus far in that I haven't directly experienced this in the workplace, but have in my personal life! There has been some exploration involved in finding tools that work for what I need, while being mindful of their limitations on free versions. I'll try and keep track of their limits and make note of when I need something more robust. In the workplace I have seen other departments struggle with this though, and from what I've seen communicating the business and client value to stakeholders is the way to go. Not just saying "We need this", but maybe explaining the story in a light that will allow them to see it while in different shoes.