How to proper manage assets made in Sketch

Hi there,

so there's many way to create an exportable layer in Sketch, like if you make a layer exportable in a symbols and you use that symbol constantly in your project (ie social icon in the footer) you will then have that assets repeated over and over in the assets panel of inVision (and of course into the assets folder) for each artboard that has that symbols in it, and that's not very smart.

So, my question: what's the best way to manage different type of assets made in Sketch based on the different layer "case" to not have them repeated over and over?

If into a symbols I have a rectangle with an image fill, which I make exportable, and to that rectangle for each instance I've replaced the filled image with others, how Craft and the assets panel behave or how should I do to have in the assets panel all the image I need and not a weird random selection of the one I've upload? That already happened to me. 

And on top of that, is it InVision Sync still needed? If so, is it better to manage the assets from the finder's folder or via web?

How InVision read and manage the nesting naming hierarchy of the assets (filename > page > artboard > layer) or how should we rename files in Sketch for a better export and read in Craft/InVision?

Many questions for such an important matter which after 2 years I still haven't managed because I haven't figure out how the software behave and support I've found it's pretty lame...




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    Rob Whiting

    This might only be somewhat related to your question, but I've found this article to be really useful in regard to asset management and folder structure for Sketch projects;


    Hope this helps ツ

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    Hi Robert,

    thanks for taking time to answer and sharing, but as you mentioned it's somewhat related but probably not.

    I know I've put a lot of questions but it's related to how to manage exportable assets made in Sketch (nested symbols, symbols, layer filled with images and override of it and few other cases) to InVision App using Craft and InVision Sync on a Mac. A quite important topic with not many proper explanation from InVision.

    I'd like to understand:

    • How the assets behave in InVision when synced from Craft in Sketch?
    • how to manage layers renaming to not have deeply nested folders tree when inspecting in the assets panel? It seems it takes the layers/folder structure from Sketch but would it be possible then to move that sliced assets inside InVision? Now if you do it the assets became broke and missing.
    • How to manage exportable redundant assets? Like social icons on footer or a logo on header, you will then have tons of same assets repeated since that symbols it's everywhere in the project.
    • How to manage shape layers (made exportable) filled in the override with different images?  I.E. In a project I've replaced that filled image with many different ones but when I've uploaded the project in InVision the available assets where randomly repeated and chosen and that wasn't what I needed/want/hope.
    • Is it InVision Sync still needed? If so, is it better to manage the assets from the finder's folder or via web?

    Thanks to y'all!

    Hope to find help! ツ

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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Alessandro,

    Thank you for reaching out here in Community about these questions that have come up for you when using InVision products. It sounds like there are several issues you are encountering that would best be handled by our Support team. They will be able to evaluate your file(s) and provide better guidance. I will be opening a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so that they can assist you further. Please look for a message from them soon.

    In the meantime, I suggest reviewing the following Help Articles to get a better understanding of how assets behave in InVision when synced from Craft in Sketch:

         - How do I enable asset download for layers within a symbol in Craft Sync?
         - Inspect for Craft Sync

    Look forward to getting you some more detailed answers for you here! I will be sure to update this thread with any information pertaining to these topics.

    Thanks and have a great day,