Invision Studio - Scale Down To Browser Width


I was using Sketch earlier and when you use the Invision webb app for presentations you have the option to "Scale Down To Browser Witdth".

I now switched to try InVision Studio and in it's presentation mode at the web it doesn't seem to have that option.

Any clues?





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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Alexander,

    Have you tried applying the Scrolling feature in Studio? You can enable vertical or horizontal scrolling for an artboard. With the artboard selected, in the inspector, click the Scrolling drop-down list and click VeriticalHorizontal, or Both. Once the scrolling setting is defined, you can then scroll the content of the artboard when viewing the project preview in Studio or the published project on InVision. Once you've selected the scrolling setting, please update your project. Selecting Scrolling Both should allow you to able to view the whole screen in InVision. 

    Please do let me know if you have any questions about this or if you run into any trouble, as I'd be more than happy to assist further! If changing the scrolling settings doesn't work for your project, please let me know and we can look into this further.