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Framer X

Hello everybody, just wanted to lighten up a little bit this forum.

I've noticed that UI domain grows very fast. What do you think about such new products like:

-Framer X


I know that Invison Studio is absolutly amazing product but what do you think about its competitors? What killer features we can make in order to stand out more?






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Preston McCauley
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Good  Morning,

I come from an age of UX when no tools existed. It's exciting and refreshing to see so many now. I have not been able to try those tools above yet. I have however spent a lot of time looking at all of them. Framer in the past has done a good job of connecting developers and designers with good code. This is especially true for animation sequences with companion code output. Phase I've been watching but haven't had a chance to really see what its capable of.

For me personally, I spent a lot of time in the AR / VR space and I'm waiting for the next generation of tools that help me create, craft, and iterate in the spaces around us.

Overall Studio has one of my favorite ways to develop animation concepts very quickly. I've used it several times already in client meetings to show off potential animation sequences. The tool can only get better from here.

As for killer features, I want features that speed up inefficiencies. This includes using real data in my design, allowing for variable replacement, symbols with variability, just to name a few.


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