Photoshop Sync Process Failed

Whenever i try to to upload my screens to invision, i get an error which says "Sync Process failed, please try again or contact support"
I have 49 artboards, and i synced succesfuly twice before this error occurred. 



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Noman,

    So sorry to hear you're having troubles with the Craft plugin. In order to take a closer look, we are going to need some additional information:

         1. Can you confirm the version of Craft Manager being used?
         2. Can you confirm the version of the Craft Sync plugin being used?
         3. Can you please send a screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview. being used?
         4. Can you provide us with a screenshot of the error being shown?

    This information will allow us to further investigate why this might be happening.

    Thank you,