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Brian Moyano Brian Moyano Edited

[Bug] New feature breaking sync workflow (Not sync unchanged artboards)

Hi, i saw that 2 days ago an update was pushed to craft were this was added: 'Adds an option to not sync unchanged artboards'

(See release notes from may:


This is great, on paper, but there is something that doesn't work.

Yesterday i was working on a file, were i had 2 artboards. 1 and 2, which are linked between them because it's a flow (From 1 there's a button to go to 2). Then, i realized that i need to fit a new artboard between 1 and 2. So the new artboard its called 2, and the one that previously was called 2, now it's called 3.

So, all three artboard had changes, except that (i think) Craft doesn't count an artboard name change. So, when i upload the three artboards, only 1 and 2 are uploads, and 3 is skipped.

I needed to move something by 1px just to make craft think that i changed something in the artboard, because changing the name wasn't enough for craft.




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Shaina Torgerson
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Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for reaching out here in Community to notify us of this issue. I would like our Support team to be aware of this issue you are encountering with the new feature we released, and to do some troubleshooting with you to identify the root of the issue.

I will open a ticket on your behalf with our Support team. Please look for a message from them soon.



If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please contact our Support team directly here for the speediest resolution.

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