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Jason Quiz
Jason Quiz Updated

Studio: Nested items losing rotation if nested to deep

I made an icon. In the process grouped some of the elements together, rotated them 135deg, then grouped them again with the rest of the icon layers.

Icon Name [ folder - parent ]
    Rotated Layers [ folder - child ]
    Additional Layers [ folder - child ]

I then dragged the folder (parent) into another folder of grouped layers. When I did this the "Rotated Layers" (now 3 levels deep) lost its rotation and relative position to one another, scattering them around the canvas.

Grouped Layers [ folder - parent ]
    Icon Name [ folder - child 1 ]
        Rotated Layers [ folder - child 2]
        Additional Layers [ folder - child 2 ]

I found that if I ungrouped the "Rotated Layers", and dragged them into "Grouped Layers" and then re-grouped them, everything worked as expected. So it seems like it is something related to the folders.

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Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk , ambassador

Hey Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this here on Community. I'm going to get a ticket opened in Support for this issue. I want to make sure we're isolating the cause and getting it in front of our Product Managers if need be. Keep your eyes peeled for an email.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend,



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