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Lala Galindo Lala Galindo

🖌Show-and-tell: What is your name? What do you do? What are your must haves design tools and why?

What do you do? What do you use? And why? Illustrator? Studio? After Effects? Principle? Axure? Photoshop? Sketch? 



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Santiago Restrepo Rueda
InVision ambassador Santiago Restrepo Rueda , ambassador

Hi My name is Santiago I´m from Colombia, and my job is UI Designer I use these apps:

InvisionApp= Prototyping

Adobe XD = Design (I use this tool beacuse the developers don´t have mac and i can´t use sketch or Invision Studio for this reason)

Invision Studio= Just for me because I`m probing first to migrate.

Illustrator = Icons

Mural = Research

Trello = For be organized and nice with your team

Freehand = Feedback with Invision App and freehand



Thanks for this topic!






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