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Jason Quiz
Jason Quiz Updated

Studio: Double Exposure when Exporting a Group

I am getting an odd, double exposure when I try to export a group of layers.
  1. I created a map (1) and grouped all the elements. The background of the map is a blue at 20% opacity.
  2. I duplicated map (1) and created map (2) group. I then changed all the elements and reused it further down on the artboard.
  3. When ever I export map (2) I can see the original map (1) showing through (because the background is at 20% opacity).
  4. If I change the background opacity to 100% and export I dont see this issue. Its only showing because the background is transparent.
  5. I then duplicated map (2) creating map (3) and changed the information again and changing its location on the artboard.
  6. If I export map (3), I now see map (2) showing through behind it.
My guess is that when you duplicate a group, a snapshot of the data/state is being taken. When you go to export that snapshot is being exported along with the current state of the group.
I started playing with this a little bit more. After I did all of the above I went back and exported the original map (just to check). When I exported map (1) I can now see map (2) and (3) showing through with (1). 
I then exported an unrelated asset and everything was good.
I then went back and exported map (2) and things were good.
I then exported map (1) and it had map (2) showing through. 
Map (3) with Map (2) showing through

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Lala Galindo
InVision ambassador Lala Galindo , ambassador Edited

Thank you for posting to community, Jason!

Can you please confirm what versions of Studio you are using? Also, what format are you exporting? JPG? PNG? GIF?

Look forward to hearing back and helping out.




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