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Chi Señires
Chi Señires Updated

App Prototype Viewing CTA in the way of the actual prototype

Why is the CTA for "Made with InVision" in the way of the prototype? And why is the mobile app frame now bigger than the screen? Shouldn't the full mobile phone be seen???

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Lala Galindo
InVision ambassador Lala Galindo , ambassador
Hi Chi,
Thank you for posting in the community! The "Made with InVision" CTA should be aligned to the bottom of your browser window. Could you try making your browser taller? When  you do this, is it still on top of your prototype?
Also, in your prototype phone configuration you can change your phone type, when you do the sizes of the phones will change just like if you had it at hand. If browser window is smaller than my phone type, I just zooming out by going to the browser toolbar's  View > Zoom In or Zoom Out. Hope this helps! :)
Look forward to hearing back and helping out!

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