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Richard Stelmach
Richard Stelmach Updated

There was a problem connecting to the server... craft sync network error issue

Trying to upload some artboards to a project from home. (not at work).

I have internet access.

No proxy. 

When I click sync button, from craft plugin I get a mac error:


"There was a problem connecting to the server [server name]. 

The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection and then try again."


The name of the server is a work server. 

I don't know why it would try and upload to a work server....i'm trying to upload to invision. We have an enterprise account, not sure if that is causing it?

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Ella B
InVision ambassador Ella B , ambassador

Hi Tory,

So glad to hear that the issue has been resolved and that you can upload from anywhere now. And it's wonderful to hear that this issue can no longer be triggered!

Thank you for letting us know. 



InVision ambassador Angela , ambassador



I seem to be experiencing these issues, the exact same server issue, are there any other options?

I have reinstalled craft, and quit sketch,

  1. Are you seeing this issue with all Sketch files or just this one? All files
  2. If you uninstall Craft plugins for Sketch and then reinstall them, does this issue continue? yes
  3. If you log out of Craft Manager and then log back in, does this issue continue? yes 
  4. If you restart Sketch, does this issue continue? yes
  5. If you do a computer restart, does this issue continue? yes

Mac 10.14.6

Sketch 63.1

Craft Sync + Prototype 2.3.148

Craft Manager 1.0.93


Are you able to help?

Monika R.
InVision ambassador Monika R. , ambassador

Hey Angela!

I'm so sorry that you're also running into this issue and I really appreciate all the information that you've provided, that's really helpful. I'm going to open a ticket on your behalf so our Support team can dig deeper into this and try a few potential workarounds. Please stay tuned for an email from us shortly. 

Again, I'm sorry for any frustration and disruption that this is causing you!

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please contact our Support team directly here to report the issue you’re encountering.



Casper Holden
InVision ambassador Casper Holden , ambassador

Follow up: I got a new mac and installed Craft again and (as expected) don't experience any issues with a clean install. 

Thanks for your replies.

Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Glad to hear the latest version of Craft resolved things for you, Casper! Please let us know if there's anything we can help out with in the future.

Have a great day,



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