Managing Icons in DSM

Looking for best practices managing icons in DSM. I am using the Icons plugin to access FontAwesome icons. I placed the icons in DSM but did not make them symbols and am just now realizing that when I update the library the changes are not reflected in my documents. 

I figured the solution was to make them symbols before placing them DSM. This fixes the issue however I lose the ability to change the icon size. I don't want to have to create an icon in DSM for every size and color usage. 

Has anyone come up with a good solution for managing icons in DSM?



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    Preston McCauley

    Hello Jake

    I believe you are correct in the approach you would take. I would create a system of design standards for the icons to be used. For example 22x22 32x32 etc. I would then create each of those from font awesome as a symbol so I could re-use them. I would also label what the purpose is for each of the use cases of these icons. For example 22x22 is only used in seconary tab navigation, 32x32.