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Shaina Torgerson
Shaina Torgerson Updated

What's your best advice for somebody who's just getting started in design?

What is your best advice for somebody who's just getting started with a career in design? We'd love for our Community members to weigh in with information on how they got their feet wet and tips for diving into the industry.

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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador

      | What's your best advice for somebody who's just getting started in design?

Spend less time thinking about how you are doing your work and more time on why. Don't worry about trying to keep up with the latest trends in design tools, instead, spend the time learning the underlying skills that will make it easier to do your work with whichever tool you have at your disposal.

There are some great resources in this area, ReadyMag's Almanac - - offers a really useful overview of the key design areas of typography, layout and colour.

Tools come & go but a good understanding of design theory is forever ツ

Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador

If the goal is a career in design, I would talk to others already in the profession

There are so many different careers in the design field, getting a more rounded view of what the options are is key. I started with a family friend who makes collages. At the end of my conversation with her, I asked for 3 people she respects in the design field that she could get me in touch with. I ended up in fine arts, then graphic design, and now UX design. That path is largely due to the research I did in talking with my peers in those fields and deciding what fit with me. These in person opportunities in combination with online communities, is the foundation of an informed perspective. 

And I agree 100% with Robert ^. Theory is key! A flashy interview fall apart quickly when basics aren't strong.

Lala Galindo
InVision ambassador Lala Galindo , ambassador

My best advice for a someone who is just getting started is Don't be shy and dive in your local and online design community! Getting to know other designers will open up all kinds of doors for you. 

Lenora Porter
InVision ambassador Lenora Porter , ambassador

To get started, my advice would be:

1. Research the field, the roles offered, and choose an area(s) of interest.

2. Look at job boards to see what skills are needed and learn them.

3. Test our your skills. (Personally, I learn by doing. Mini projects even if it's fake projects helps me tremendously. I used to find my first project.)

4. Join local and online design communities to learn from others and build your network. (Echoing Lala)

5. Teach your skills. (This part of the process is crucial. When you're able to teach someone else what you know, you can say you've truly "mastered" that portion of the skill.)

Ekemini Mark
InVision ambassador Ekemini Mark , ambassador

Rob, Caitlin, Lala, and Lenora's comments are it!

I'd add my new favourite word to it: Be Consistent. When you finally get started in the design industry either you began as a trainee, intern or junior. To get better at your craft, you'll need a huge dose of consistency. It really helps you get seen by the world around you, and overtime you'll find your feet.


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