Craft Menu panel opens in wrong desktop screen

Hi, when using dual monitors—laptop screen and external monitor—the craft panel doesn't open in the same desktop menu bar where Sketch app window is.

Example: I have sketch open on my external monitor and when I try and sync an artboard to InVision the panel to upload appears in my laptop menu bar—which in this case sits underneath my external monitor. 

Not a major but really hinders workflow.



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    Shaina Torgerson

    Hi Dan,

    I appreciate you reaching out in regards to this issue. It appears as if this is an issue our teams are aware of, and we have our Engineering team currently working on this issue.

    I will open a ticket on your behalf so that our Support team can gather more data specific to your use case. Please look for a message from them soon.

    Thanks for hanging in there! Truly apologize for the disruption in your workflow.

    Have a wonderful day,