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Shiyu Zhuang Shiyu Zhuang

All the symbols are detached after a craft sync


Our team has created symbols for components in Sketch, and used them throughout all the pages in the Sketch file. After a certain time's syncing using Craft, all the symbols are detached - they are still on the symbol page, but on the regular pages all the symbols changed into groups. 

This does not happen all the time, just very occasionally. Not sure why, might be a bit inconvenient if we wanna make changes to those files in the future.







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Lala Galindo
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Hi Shiyu,
Welcome to the community! I want to make sure I first understand fully the issues you are facing.
While working on Sketch, you create symbols for a component library in a Symbols page. After syncing with Craft, all of your symbols artboards in your Symbols page transformed into regular artboards, and your Symbols page turned into a regular page, correct?
How often do you experience this?
Have you experienced this in other Sketch libraries?
Look forward to hearing back and helping out!

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