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John Coffey
John Coffey Updated

Sketch/Craft Sync Issue | Not All Assets Uploaded. Why?

I have just completed an upload of a large project that I am working on. Much to my shock, after syncing my art boards to InVision with Craft only a small amount of assets actually were uploaded. I even ungrouped everything but still didn't work. In addition, there are files that say "sync in progress". After coming back 12 hours later, they still say "sync in progress". So essentially I would like to know....

1. Why didn't all the assets upload?

2. Why are some files still saying "sync in progress"?

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InVision ambassador Maximiliano , ambassador

Hi. I had the same issue. I just donwgraded the version of skect to 51.3 and it worked for me...

Hope it can help you.


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Maximiliano,

Thanks for chiming in here and adding your workaround for the time being. Please note that if you were running Sketch 52, there is actually a widespread issue that our team is aware of with syncing your artboards after updating to the newest version of Sketch.  We'll be posting updates on this issue to our Status Page if you'd like to receive information as we work to resolve the issue. We'd also recommend following @invisionsupport on Twitter for updates related to problems.

We've suggested to others, as you have discovered, that reverting to the previous version of Sketch (v51.3) will allow you to sync without issues. If you do not want to revert, another possibility is to save the artboards as a PNG/JPG files and manually drag-and-drop them into your project (albeit, Inspect will not currently be available for those screens that were dragged-and-dropped until they are synced later with Craft Sync).

Have a great day!



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