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Lachlan Sunderland Lachlan Sunderland

Inspect – can't export assets without underlying mask

Hi there,

We've just encountered a major issue that's affecting our workflow – we love Craft and the Inspect mode feature in inVision. However we are unable to use it to share assets that are in anyway masked.

In many many cases we need to share images that are larger than how they will be displayed on screen to cater for varying responsive break points. Also, in some cases it is more efficient for devs to apply relevant masks in code.

The problem is that even though on hover/selection in Inspect mode they can see the full bounds (outline) of the image, when our devs try to download the relevant assets they include underlying masks.

Is there a way to allow our devs to download unmasked versions of images without me having to create new unmasked instances of the assets?



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Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk, InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Lachlan,

Apologies for the delay in my response! There is currently no way around your currently workflow, but I'm happy to escalate this to our team so we can make sure your request is heard. Keep your eyes peeled for a response soon.



Lachlan Sunderland
InVision ambassador Lachlan Sunderland , ambassador

Thanks Beth,

This would be an incredibly useful feature for us - especially considering how everything is responsive nowadays. It just seems a bit silly to have to have to create a new page in the prototype for unmasked assets when Inspect is usually such a powerful and simple asset manager. 

Got my fingers crossed for this feature in the future!




Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk, InVision Employee , ambassador

Thanks Lachlan! Feedback like yours is really helpful for our Product team, so we appreciate that you reached out about this.

Hope you have a great week!



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