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Assetts SVG don't synchronizing with Craft Sync / using Photoshop (Win)

I tried to export assets from Photoshop to invision using Craft Sync, the PSD is synchronizing well, but assets DON'T! I did add file extenstion to the layer in the Photoshop. Only .png & .jpg works, if try to use .svg assets are not synchronizing :( Please help, I realy need to synchronize SVG icons not PNG or JPG.



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Beth Vanderkolk
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Hey there,

It looks like you linked up with Support to chat about this issue, and they let you know that .svg are not presently supported suffixes when working with PSD files, and so adding those suffixes won't allow the layer to be considered exportable as an asset by Inspect. However, we're tracking this as a feature request.

I'll be closing this thread for comments.

If anyone else would like to add their vote to this feature request, please contact Support and we'll notify our Product team of your feedback.