↗️ Resource—Public APIs for Designing with InVision Craft

The InVision Craft Data plugin is a really useful tool to move away from potentially confusing Lorem Ipsum and more towards real-world, actual data filled designs.

It's really easy to make use of this plugin - https://support.invisionapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/209650506-Craft-Introduction-to-the-Data-plugin - but finding data sources to populate it can be more difficult.

This really useful Github repo;


(^ via Yaël Levey https://twitter.com/yaellevey) collects together a wide range of useful public APIs to help add more useful example data to your designs.



Know of any other resources for populating designs using the InVision Craft Data plugin? Please add them  as a comment to help build up this resource ツ



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