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Matthew Bursch
Matthew Bursch Updated

If you are struggling with loading artboards/pages from Sketch into InVision via Craft...

In case you do what I did:

DO:  Rename every one of your artboards with a unique name. [in Sketch]

DON'T:  Leave your artboards with the given name.  i.e. "Desktop HD" [in Sketch]

DO:  Make all of your artboards for one prototype on the same page [in Sketch]

DON'T:  Make each artboard for the same prototype on different pages [in Sketch]


It works best to make all of your artboards [individually named] on the same page within Sketch.  If you leave your artboard on seperately named pages and if your artboard on every single page has the same name [such as "Desktop HD" or Default] Craft will only "see" one artboard and you will find much needless frustration.  It made for a particularly tricky little issue to figure out.

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Uhl Albert
InVision ambassador Uhl Albert , ambassador

Great advice!

Nathaniel Daught
InVision ambassador Nathaniel Daught , ambassador

These are all great tips Matthew.

Because all artboards in a prototype need to be on the same page, keeping your artboards organized neatly in a logical order really helps for linking hotspots and when you need to sync "Only selected artboards". I've been using this Sketch plugin to auto-snap my artboards to rows & columns (with the rename feature off):


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