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Beth Vanderkolk
Beth Vanderkolk Updated

Favorite UI kits

What are your favorite UI kits for UI design? Did you know that we offer a ton of free design kits to put to use as you bring your prototypes to life?
Check them out here, and also let us know about your favorite UI kits!

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Preston McCauley
InVision ambassador Preston McCauley , ambassador Edited

I find the Facebook IOS 10 GUI is a great starter place for a project. It's also a great way to see how Sketch libraries can be leveraged.

If you are looking for some Sketch specific UI Kits. There are many free and premium ones available on UI8.

Platforma is one such kit great for creating initial high fidelity concept wires.

Here are a few more good places to begin your search:

  • Envato also has some amazing UI Kits. 
  • You can also find a whole collection of UI Kits I add to my collections out on my personal Pinterest account.
  • Uplabs has a gigantic searchable repository of some of the most amazing UI Kits and inspirational work for both IOS & Android

Please note I'm not affiliated with any of these. These are just ones I have found useful in my everyday UX/UI work.

In addition I'm working on my own UI Kits for both Mixed Reality, AR, and Virtual Reality work. I'll share them when they become available!

I hope that helps everyone out. Happy designing!

Eric Odom
InVision ambassador Eric Odom , ambassador Edited

In my brief experience in using UI Kits, none have been quite as useful as the Platforma Protyping Series. I gravitate to this series because it provides a well built wireframe system, allowing me to present concepts without the team or clients getting caught up in the styling.

Each kit includes over 200 wireframe components, and most of the components leverage Sketch's wonderful abilities to make resizing full components incredibly easy. The series has three kits, one for web, iOS, and Android, and while it's best in Sketch, it includes versions for Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. This system is at a premium price, but there's a great free version if you'd like to try it out prior to shelling out your hard earned money for it.


Nathaniel Daught
InVision ambassador Nathaniel Daught , ambassador

Facebook Design just added a macOS Desktop Kit:

Eric Odom
InVision ambassador Eric Odom , ambassador Edited

For the lovers of Google's Material Design - UXPin released a terrific Material UI kit recently. 140 elements, 35 screens, and available for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.