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Beth Vanderkolk

How are you using Freehand?

With Craft Freehand, you can get the ball rolling on a project faster than ever before. You can add artboards or images from Sketch and Photoshop, hand off control to a teammate, co-draw to share sketches and rough ideas, and so much more.

Tell us how Craft is changing the way your team is collaborating!

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Sean Kinney
InVision ambassador Sean Kinney , ambassador
Comment actions Permalink is a particularly interesting read on using Freehand for redlining designs as well as a few other creative uses.


Preston McCauley
InVision ambassador Preston McCauley , ambassador Edited
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I currently use Freehand as the middle tier between my design teams. At a high level my teams are on the same page with the interactions between view states. Where Freehand comes in handy is working out the deep interactions and micro-interactions.  We also use it to help evolve various concepts views and design patterns. A click prototype is not necessarily needed in our process.

After we are done commenting, noting, revising, and reaching agreement in Freehand we will move back into the appropriate UX stage. This leads to eventually merging the designs into a Invisionapp click prototype. 

Freehand personally saves me many hours a week. I can quickly jump in, understand a problem point, evaluate, iterate,  and create.


New uses since I last wrote this.

  • I use freehand to work on initial design & style guides while we are exploring what design patterns & systems we want to use and will ultimately

  • When doing initial discovery I use freehand to identify and work with a  client on redesign changes to existing content, pages, etc..

  • I've been using freehand as just a general note taking space even before Ihop into design mode. 

Eric Odom
InVision ambassador Eric Odom , ambassador
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I had a fun use case during planning for a conference. We needed a way to for multiple people to view a map of the facility we're hosting the event in. Even more, we needed multiple people to be able to annotate while other members of the committee provided feedback.

Within a few moments I was able to drop in two images of floor plans, and a couple of us "drove" - mirroring one of our screens to the display on the wall so everyone could see. Without Freehand, we would of been stuck writing on printouts and trying to translate each member's notes into one cohesive set.

Freehand allowed a team of 12 to work through numerous problems and make decisions in a matter of minutes, instead of a matter of days.


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