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Zach Hogya
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Interaction with Hardware


I want my prototype to interact with hardware. I realize this is a bit outside the scope of InVision, but we like the software/tools and want to find a way to make it work with our hardware.

I haven't discovered an obvious way of doing this looking through the support and learning tools. I could use a hotspot with the Link to External URL feature and send REST packets to a server that my hardware would monitor. The only problem with this is that, when the user clicks on the hotspot, it opens the URL link in the browser in the foreground (at least, that's what I see in demo mode - I've not tested on an actual device).


1. Is there a way for my prototype to interact with my hardware?

2. Is there a way for the hotspot to execute in the background and/or can I have my prototype return to the foreground once the hotspot has been executed?

Thank you!


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