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Richard Stevens
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Sorting project into folders


I'm a fairly new full member, I have been using InVision to create projects that have different layouts. Lets say for example I have a Tennis project and I have InVision projects for 16:9 portrait and 16:9 landscape. I also have 4:3 versions of these so in all a total of 4 projects for Tennis.

What I can't seem to find any information on, is if I am able to put all of these projects into one single folder for organising rather than have them sit alongside and mixed in with any other projects. I can already see this in use since there are "My Project" and "Archived" folders in the Projects tab but I can't see a way of adding one of my own.

It could be that I'm not fully understanding the best practices but this seems like basic functionality that's missing? 

Does anyone have any tips or can shed some light on this?

Many thanks


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Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk , ambassador

We’re currently tracking interest for this. If you’d like to add your vote for this feature, please contact Support here and voice your interest!


Justin White
InVision ambassador Justin White , ambassador Edited

Sorting is not an option. I'm sorry, it just isn't.

I too have the same issue as Richard.

In InVision, I'm forced to build entirely separate prototypes for each facet of a project. I have "Campaign Creation Release 1",  "Campaign Creation Release 2", "Campaign Management", "Campaign Creation Wires Release 1", "Campaign Creation Wires Release 2" all of which fall under the "Campaign Project."

Unfortunately these prototypes must live amongst other projects with similar prototypes. I'm aware of the archive functionality, however we have different dev teams working towards different objectives and releases, so archiving "…Wires Release 1" from a month ago isn't an option until we close that project out.

Or take one of my most recent freelance projects. We had to design prototypes for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop, for both Admin and Customers. They have very similar names and in some cases very similar looks. It would have been nice to stash them in a  folder called "Admin" and "Customer" inside each would be additional folders for "Mobile" and "Desktop." Such organized! 

I honestly don't understand how the "cluttered desktop" approach to prototype storage on InVision is still a reality when designers are, more often than not, fanatical when it comes to directory/layer structure and organization. At the very least the good ones are…

Thanks for hearing me out.

River Brandon
InVision ambassador River Brandon , ambassador

Yes please. Folders or workspaces would be extremely valuable.

Richard Stevens
InVision ambassador Richard Stevens , ambassador

Thanks for the help and feedback guys. 

Alphanumeric sorting is kind of a work around but doesn't really solve the problem. I am already naming projects just so they can be sorted correctly in InVision which just seems wrong because the name of the project should best suit the project and make sense to all those that view it. By using folders we could easily achieve this and make each project more easily accessible.

A small feature that would be useful in leiu of folders is to introduce the slider that changes the size of the project cards so we can see more on screen at once like how it is already implemented in each individual project. The way I use my browser is that it takes about 2/3 of my second monitor screen and Slack takes up the other third but I can only see 6 projects at best in my InVision window so have to do a lot of scrolling to find the content.

InVision ambassador raymassie , ambassador

You used to be able to manually arrange prototypes, but that feature was removed for Spaces. I had a hissy fit. it was suggested i use Boards. Still want this feature back. 

Beth Vanderkolk
InVision ambassador Beth Vanderkolk , ambassador

Hey Rich!

Your best bet would be to give them similar names and then sort your projects on your dashboard Alphanumerically.