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Jan Nikolaas Gijsen
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"Sync Styles" adds non-existing colors to Sketch document

So I've run into this issue on two separate projects. When syncing with the "Sync Styles" button of the plugin, Craft will sometimes create/add a new, non-exisiting color to the Styles-page. This new color is always 'related' to an actual color used in the document.

For example, one of my colors is #333333, and all of a sudden Craft will create a new color #262626 that doesn't exist anywhere in my designs.
I can select the new color and color pick it to the original, re-sync and it will disappear. But one or more sync actions later and it will randomly reappear. I have this issue for multiple colors. And while it's easy to identify and correct the color above, it's a real horror story when the same thing happens to an array of similar tints that are closely related; it effectively becomes impossible to correctly identify the real color and fix the issue. (Pick the wrong color and you'll send your text styles into a tailspin.)

I've already cleared all my document swatches, so there's no conflict there.
And I'm certain I don't haven't any elements in my document that I've used these colors on. For example: I use #333333 al the time because it's easy to remember and input, but I've never used/typed #262626. And the fact that they randomly return a while later is odd to say the least.

In any case, it's a real drag on my projects and add a lot of work to keeping my styles consistent.

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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi all,

We are escalating this issue in a meeting with our Product team today. Please standby for updates.

Giancarlo - Thank you very much for submitting a ticket to Support so that they can add your incident to this issue that we're tracking, and our team is working on.

Adam - We are certainly working towards a solution. If you haven't already, please contact our Support team directly here so that they can dive deeper into the details of this issue that you're encountering.

As noted above, we will post the solution in this thread once the Support and Engineering teams find a solution.

Thanks for understanding,