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Ardjan Robbé Groskamp Ardjan Robbé Groskamp Edited

Logical page order

Hi there dear prototypers,

I'm always making sure the pages of my prototype have a logical order. (numbers for example) When i skip trough my prototype using the arrow keys the order is mixed up. This is not the case when i'm only clicking on the hotspots. My prototype has multiple scenarios. I'm using seperate pages for hotspot interactions instead of overlays.

What is a smart way to tackle this? 

Kind regards,




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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador Edited

Hi Ardjan ツ

It can often be problematic to show complex flows in design tools like InVision. Once a user/tester moves away from key paths it can be tricky to get them back on track.

In regard to smart ways to tackle multiple scenarios, I can think of 3 potential options.

  1. Make use of InVision's 'Sections' Feature - - to split up the scenarios and instruct your users/testers to return to the top level to view and navigate to these different scenarios.
  2. Make use of InVision's 'Tour' feature - - to guide your users/testers through these various scenarios in an ordered flow
  3. Extend your prototype screens and include virtual 'buttons' linked using 'Hotspots' - - which can direct the user/tester directly to a certain point in each scenario - while this makes for extra work around the prototype screen design, this would offer the user/tester the option to easily navigate to key scenario points from anywhere in the prototype.

Hope this helps ツ


Elizabeth Brookshire
InVision ambassador Elizabeth Brookshire , ambassador

Hi Ardjan, welcome! Since your pages should appear in order, could you please try navigating your prototype in an incognito/private browsing window? I'd like to rule out a browser cache issue causing this. If you're still having trouble with the page order there, I'll open a ticket with our Support team for further troubleshooting. Thanks!


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