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Koen Koen Edited

How to incorporate emails in my UX user flow

With use of Invision Craft / Prototype I'm designing the customer journeys through the screens of my website. However, a lot of instances will automatically send out an email.


For instance: When the user registers, the admin will be notified.   +    When he sends a message, we will receive a notification of it

The arrows are showing how the screens are interactive, but I don't see what emails are generated. 

Is there a smart way I can visually show this in Sketch/ Craft  as well?



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Nathaniel Daught
InVision ambassador Nathaniel Daught , ambassador

Hello Koen,

Tour Points are always one way to guide your project viewers.

For desktop projects I will occasionally add an overlay “interstitial” into the prototype flow to let viewers see a note and pick what flow they want to go down. Something like this:

I also typically design emails in a fake email client window so it’s clear to the project viewer that it’s not just another web page, I can display the email subject, and I have the option of displaying it as an overlay.

Not sure if that fully answers your question but hopefully gives you some ideas.


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Thanks for your reply, I didn't know 'tours' existed so thanks!I tried it and suddenly my Craft-Prototype created buttons aren't working anymore..maybe it's a bug but maybe I'm overlooking things. I'll try your method again tomorrow, thanks it's a big help



Nathaniel Daught
InVision ambassador Nathaniel Daught , ambassador

Happy to help!


As for hotspots not syncing... You probably already do, but check to make sure "Include hotspots when syncing" is checked.


If that's checked, I'd make sure Craft Manager and the Sketch plugin is up-to-date.


If it is already up-to-date, you may want to un-install and then re-install Craft. I'm sure support will be happy to help if you need it.

Good luck!


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