Ordering Color Palette styles

I need to have the palette styles in a particular order (grouped logically, for example by tint, etc.).

When I reorder the layers on the Styles page, that order is lost on the next style sync.

Am I missing something?

Ta, and keep up the good work.



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    Elizabeth Brookshire

    Hi Colin, welcome to the InVision Community. Currently, this is a limitation of Craft; however, I'm happy to pass this suggestion on to our Product team as a future feature. Stay tuned for a separate message from us. Thanks!

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    Maarten Mieras

    This would be a great future. 

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    Elizabeth Brookshire

    Hi Maarten, appreciate your interest! Happy to open a ticket for our Product team. Cheers!


    If you'd also like your voice heard regarding this feature request, please contact Support.