Problem Moving a Craft Library

I created a complex Craft Library and saved it to my Desktop, the Library updates fine and works fine. Problem is if I move the Library to another folder say Google Drive the Library loses its structure and some of the information and essentially breaks. Anybody else have this issue?

Update: I created a new Craft Library, but this time with one difference, I saved it to a folder under my Mac user account not my desktop, for instance Documents vs to the desktop. Now there is no problem moving it around, adding to Google Drive, etc.

I really don't know if this is an issue with the Library or where I saved it, guess I will just start over. Painful.



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    Elizabeth Brookshire

    Hi Richard, welcome and apologies you didn't get an answer to your question! It sounds like our Support team will need to dig into this and determine what's causing all the trouble when you use a shared folder. Keep an eye out for a separate message so we can get this taken care of. Thanks!