Craft Library not Syncing within Team Computers


I am not sure if anyone posted this before (I apologize for re-posting in advance if there was anything), but here is my problem: 

I set up a Craft library and shared it via an internal network. I made updates to UI components and the folder says that it has been updated on Aug 14, 2017. However, when I click inside the folder, all the components were last modified in June. I have also push changes already after making my edits, but on my colleagues' computers the pull change button does not appear as well.

As a result, my Craft library is not in sync with my colleagues' computers, but everything on my computer gets sync across my Sketch files.





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    Elizabeth Brookshire

    Hi Janice, thanks for posting! It sounds like you're experiencing something similar to reports in this thread. I'm going to open up a ticket so our Support team can help troubleshoot, so keep an eye out for another message from us! 


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