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Resources for Designers New to Sketch

I must confess, I've been an Adobe user for the majority of my design life. Self-taught using every available online resource back in the early 2000's, it took a long time for me to realize just how valuable Sketch could be in my workflow. Somewhat shamefully, I spent over a year with Sketch installed and licensed before I ever brought myself to take the plunge and Switch to Sketch.

This said, I know I'm not the only one who did the back-n-forth thing before fully embracing Sketch. So I'm curious - what path did you take in adopting Sketch? What tools and resources did you utilize to become better acclimated to working within Sketch? Let us, and the community know. Who knows, maybe we'll help improve someone else's path to adopting Sketch smoother than our own.

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Here's a few of my favorite resources:

Switch to Sketch

Nothing beats fun and fast! A free, 8-part video series from InVision and Craft. I found this quick and informative, and appreciated that it was created in a way that allowed me to experiment and create using a well-rounded group of basic Sketch tools, as well as more advanced features powered by the Craft suite.

Learn more about the Switch to Sketch course over at the InVision Blog, or get started at

Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Gestures

A less than ten minute list of 5 tips to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Anyone who's worked in advanced software knows the power of shortcuts and hotkeys. This helpful article goes from basic to advanced, easily allowing you to pick and setup the easiest way to incorporate shortcuts into your design workflow in Sketch.

InVision Blog

It goes without saying - InVision is an amazing resource and their tools add a tremendous amount of functionality to the already powerful Sketch app. Their blog features a wide range of curated tutorials, tips, tricks, and more.

Check out the Design category on the InVision Blog.

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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador Edited

The integration with InVision has been a major influence on our Design process moving more-and-more to Sketch

A lot of the really useful resources our team has used are captured here - - and include;

Sketch Repo
Sketch Repo is a great place to discover Sketch App resources for your next design project.

Sketch App Sources
The largest collection of free and premium Sketch resources for mobile, web, UI, and UX designers working with Sketch App by Bohemian Coding. All .sketch files and .svg files are editable and free to use.

Sketchapp TV
Browse and download more than 400 free design resources and Sketch App 3 video tutorials (for designing iOS, Android, Web UI/UX and Animation experiences).

Sketch Tricks
Level up your Sketch knowledge by learning about all the tricks, tips and techniques that will enhance your workflow and increase efficiency.

and a few other really useful resources ツ


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