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Werner Goldbach Werner Goldbach

Feature Request: Exclude artboards or pages from document Styles

Within a Sketch file there are often pages and arttboards with outdated designs or wireframes only for testing purposes. Now when creating document styles, there should be a way to exclude these pages or artboards because all the old and actually unused styles and colors clutter the style inventory up to unusable.

I tried the feature on a project I'm working on that has just a few colors and text styles but I ended up with dozends of entries on my styles page, most of them from the archived artboards of the early test stage.

To exclude a page or an artboard from the style inventory some special characters in the name could be used ie. "-styles" or simply "-cs".

However thanks for making Craft anyway, I use it a lot. 8-)



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Elizabeth Brookshire
Elizabeth Brookshire , ambassador

Hi Werner, welcome to the Community. Thanks for offering your feedback about how we can improve Craft Library - this is a great suggestion! I'm opening a support ticket so we can pass your feedback along to our Product team. Cheers!

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