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Meet your Community Ambassadors

Welcome to the InVision Community! We’re proud to introduce our team of Community Ambassadors, who will be available on Community to offer their experience and expertise. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Reach out to us 



Rob Whiting

Rob is a User Experience Consultant who has designed solutions for companies including The BBC, Capgemini, Eurostar, The Spencer Group and the Royal Mail.

He is involved in various UX communities including Designer Hangout, NUX and UXDiscuss as well as acting as a Digital Mentor at the RDUTC where he helps prepare the next generation of STEM professionals.

In his free time he enjoys music, playing guitar, and digital audio. Rob previously worked as a sound and lighting technician in theaters and studios, and is a big fan of and printing/letterpress.
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Caitlin Cambron

Caitlin is a multi-disciplinary designer, focusing on UX and UI. Her background in community development and fine arts led her to a career in User Experience. She blends empathy, technology, and design to create experiences that are usable, useful, and delightful. Currently, she is a Senior Visual & UX Designer for Louisville-based tech company, Interapt. Caitlin is passionate about user advocacy, the role of AI in empathetic experiences, and creating STEM spaces for diverse groups of people. 
Outside of work, Caitlin is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of IDEAS xLab, a national health disruptor, working to change the nation health horizon by putting cultural and social entrepreneurs at the helm. She an advisor to WILD Accelerator, which supports female-founded startups, and an interpreter for Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Her hobbies are managing @praisetheplants, doing calligraphy, and CrossFit.
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Kayden Knauss

Kayden Knauss is a Los Angeles-based designer currently focused on crafting thoughtful and impactful solutions for digital products. His passions lie beyond web and digital products, however, and transformed from a love of visual art and print design. He's a firm believer in the power of design and the importance of challenging design conformity. In his spare time you'll find him out on the tennis courts, streaming on Mixer, or finding the next concert to go.
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Michele (Mikele) De Sousa

Like many people, Michéle (Mikele) has been on a journey to find direction in his life and on his journey, he has found that design has been his True North. With that realization, he has been using design to assist organizations to find their True North by steering them in the right direction using design as a compass. 
As an experience designer, natural problem solver and inventor he uses his natural problem-solving skills to assist in solving real-world problems and in his time, has had the privilege of working on some of the most innovative digital products and features on the planet.
With his background in experience design, design thinking, phycology, behavioral economics and development (front and back-end, web and app development) he can create ideal end to end solutions.
Outside of his day-to-day Michéle (Mikele) loves giving back to the design community in the form of knowledge sharing and mentorship. He loves helping others. His true purpose is time he gets to spends with his 2 angels (his beautiful wife and daughter). Feel free to get in touch.
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Owen Hughes

Owen is a UI/UX Designer based in Liverpool / London. He has worked for a wide range of clients both in house and agency side from small start ups to global brands. Currently working for Inviqa in the UK. 
Outside of work he is an organizer of NUX Liverpool - a UX meetup. His hobbies include seeing live music, listening to podcasts and audio books and supporting the mighty reds! (Liverpool FC). 
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