Meet your Community Ambassadors

Welcome to the InVision Community! We’re proud to introduce our team of Community Ambassadors, who will be available on Community to offer their experience and expertise. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Reach out to us



Eric is the Lead Designer for SHSU Online, creating experiences and crafting solutions through design. Outside of his day job, he’s completing his Media Communications, B.S. with Full Sail University. He balances what little free-time he has between the love for his family (3 rambunctious boys, 1 lovely girl, and an encouraging wife), southern hip-hop, and LEGO. 

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Nathaniel is a Visual Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He relocated to the SF Bay in late 2013 and currently works for a small web based marketing agency. His primary every day design tools include Sketch and InVision.
He is a tech and PC enthusiast with an affinity for Apple products. He also has a special interest in digital rights, privacy and security. Nate's other interests include music discovery, concerts, coffee, wine, craft beer, his bicycle, exploring the CA coast, and video games. He also enjoys personal art projects such as drawing, crafts, and iPhone photography.
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Uhl (pronounced yule) is a product designer at TSheets, a small but fast-growing company in Boise, Idaho. He’s been in the human factors/usability/UX field for more years than he cares to admit…as if calling it human factors wasn’t a giveaway! He has a broad range of experience from research to prototyping to visual design, but his strength is interaction design.
Outside of work his passion is road cycling which he’s fortunate to share with his wife. He’s also an audio enthusiast and enjoys watching shows on his home theater…his favorite way to decompress and recover from all the cycling!
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Preston McCauley's 20 year career in the UX industry has given him the opportunity to not only create and manage literally hundreds of applications and projects but also to develop the rare industry knowledge and skill to bring a product through the entire lifecycle. At the root of his many successes is the ability to pull together multiple domains of knowledge, identify problems, and solve them through design thinking activities.
For the last several years he has been deep in the design, development, and bleeding edge of AR / VR / MR and immersive computing. 
He is a co-founder of the UX program at SMU Cape in Dallas Texas where he teaches Practical UX strategy & process methodology. He also is a co-founder of the Immersive Design and Development group in Dallas Texas. 
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Rob is the Product Design Manager for The Spencer Group in the UK. He’s involved in various UX communities and is no stranger to helping others.
In his free time he enjoys music, playing guitar, and digital audio. Rob previously worked as a sound and lighting technician in theatres and studios, and is a big fan of and printing/letterpress.
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