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Beth Vanderkolk
Beth Vanderkolk Updated

Collaborating with Slack + InVision

Are you using the handy Slack integration to push activity from InVision to Slack so your team will be aware of new comments, resolved conversations, etc.? Tell us your experiences and any tips you have for using Slack + InVision to collaborate!

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Rob Whiting
InVision ambassador Rob Whiting , ambassador Edited

We have found the InVision 🔄  Slack integration to be really useful across our team. Allowing easy viewing of updates in the app we use for team communication day-to-day removes the additional step of people having to manually check directly in InVision for updates and allows great visibility across projects.

The key tip I give people using this is to ensure that you only include the notification you need to show on a per channel basis. Slack can get very busy and people soon start to block out notifications if they come in too often. It's possible to set various useful Activity Preferences for theInVision 🔄  Slack integration;

but try to ensure you only include the ones that your team needs to see for a quick overview. We ask our various project teams which notifications they would find most useful and only include these on each project channel. If they then do require more info, they can easily use the links from Slack to view the InVision project directly. ツ


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