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Ehtisham Ul HaqEhtisham Ehtisham Ul HaqEhtisham Edited
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Installed Craft but it shows only Sync Plugin in Extensions

I installed craft for my Windows 10, I am using Photoshop CC 2017. I installed craft and in the extensions there is only one Plug In showing that is Sync. Other plugins that are Data, Duplicate, Stock, Freehand are not showing in the extensions please let me know how to fix it?





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Sean Kinney
Sean Kinney, InVision Employee , ambassador

Welcome to the Community, Ehtisham! At this time, Craft Sync is the only plugin available on Windows. The other Craft plugins are exclusive to macOS at this time. I'd be happy to share your interest in Windows releases for the other plugins, though.

Noela Losada Re
InVision ambassador Noela Losada Re , ambassador

We hope to see it for windows soon too!!


InVision ambassador lucy , ambassador

Yes, I hope you'll release the Windows version too!!!


Sean Kinney
InVision ambassador Sean Kinney, InVision Employee , ambassador

Thanks for sharing your interest, Noela and Lucy! If anyone else is interested, please reach out to [email protected] to let us know.