Craft Swatches: Add a description or named color value

Regarding the generated Color Swatches.

It would be great if there was some way to have a description line under the Color name tag.

In that area users could add a named value such as Sapphire Blue. If you have some colors that are very similar a named value helps identify usage more quickly.

ALTERNATELY, could there be a way to pull the name from a Shared Style?


As we intend to use Craft Libraries to create component and brand libraries–names are easier to recall than hex values.

This is one area that Sketch seems lacking, naming color swatches, that the Craft plugin could help remedy.



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    Elizabeth Brookshire

    Hi James, welcome to the InVision Community! You bring up a great point - Craft could certainly bridge the gap if the ability to add descriptions to the color swatches and/or pull the custom names from text styles were available.

    That said, I've opened up a ticket so we can share your interest in this functionality with our Product team. Thanks!


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    Prakash Arjun


    I have the same issue, can you please provide some insight on this?

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    Beth Vanderkolk

    Hey Prakash!

    I don't have an update at this time, but if you would like to add your vote to this feature request, please contact Supportand they'll notify our Product team of your feedback.