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Problem with Overlays

Hi folks,

So we've created a series of screens that we want drop-down menus to appear on as overlays. They worked fine when we had everything in one section, and if I go into the hotspot builder on any of the screens I'm using, it shows them as being where I placed them. But when I share out the specific screens, the hotspots all vanish. The one around my logo leading back to the "home page" remains, but the drop-downs are all gone. I moved the drop-downs to a new section to keep them organized and not wind up with them shared to a client. Is there a way to fix this issue?

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Nathaniel Daught
InVision ambassador Nathaniel Daught , ambassador Edited

Hello and welcome to the InVision community!

It sounds like when you shared the specific screens you may have omitted the overlay screens. Try also including the overlay screens when you share again and report back. Hopefully that does the trick.

Also see: How can I share a specific screen section?

InVision ambassador Mrinalini , ambassador


After checking the box " Close on clicking outside of overlay", my overlay does not close and hence other hotspots in the background become unusable. Why is this happening? Can you help?

Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador

Hi Mrinalini, sorry to hear you're having this issue with overlays and hotspots. In order to troubleshoot, could you provide me with screenshots of the steps you are taking? Could you also include a screenshot of the overlay you are using?

In the meantime, also take a look at this article What are overlays and how do I use them? to see if that helps.

Cheers - Caitlin


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