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Michael Østergaard Michael Østergaard

Transparency not working probably if syncing via craft

I've been using "screen as an overlay" for a little while now to show different kinds of interactions. 

However, syncing via craft seems to change the transparency in the screen to white. This doesn't happen if I upload the screen manually.



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Sean Kinney
InVision ambassador Sean Kinney, InVision Employee , ambassador

So long as the artboard background color isn't included in export, it shouldn't appear in the screen that's generated from Craft Sync. Instead, we will autodetect a color to use as the background based on the content of the screen the first time the screen is synced. If using that screen as an overlay, that background color should only appear if you've made the backdrop opacity greater than 0%.

I just tested to confirm this is still working as described, so there may be something else afoot. Would you be able to share a share link for a prototype demonstrating the issue you're seeing?


Michael Østergaard
InVision ambassador Michael Østergaard , ambassador

Hi Sean,

Sorry for the late answer, been a bit busy.

Anyways, found out that my screens was uploaded as jpg's via craft.

Silly me :)


Sean Kinney
InVision ambassador Sean Kinney, InVision Employee , ambassador

Happy to hear it was something simple, Michael! Thanks for closing the loop here and sharing the solution. Cheers!


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