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InVision ambassador ambassador
Lara Olson
Lara Olson Updated

Element shifts when clicked

This is a tiny issue but super annoying. When I click on a freehand element (text, shape, etc.) it sometimes shifts up and over by about five pixels or so. It's small, but just enough that I have to ctrl+z and reselect, or realign the element I clicked. Is it because I'm using a mac super mouse? 

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official comment

InVision ambassador Amie , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Lara, 

Thank you for your response. 

I would like to apologise again for the delay in getting back to you on this and the effect this has had on your team and stakeholders.

If you have a screen recording ready, you can send that over to our support team by contacting us via email at:

Our support team will pick this up quickly and try to get this resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible for you. 

Thank you, 


InVision ambassador dez , ambassador

When selecting objects with the Wacom stylus, the same problem occurs. It is very annoying.

Mark Mezzanotte
InVision ambassador Mark Mezzanotte , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi @Lara Olsen, @dez, and @zayn,

Thanks for reaching out to us in our Community thread and I'm sorry to hear you're encountering this object shift/drift when clicking on your element within Freehand.

For us to assist in troubleshooting this further, would it be possible to provide the following details?

  • What browser and operating system are you using to access Freehand?
    - For your browser, you can get these details by going to, clicking “Copy”, and pasting the link it gives you here.
    - For your operating system, please take a screenshot of your About Mac or About Windows screen and paste a here.
  • If using our mobile application, can you provide the version number you are on?
  • Can you provide a screenshot or screen recording of the issue you are having?

Thank you,

Lara Olson
InVision ambassador Lara Olson , ambassador Edited

My post was like 4 months ago, but right now I use Chrome 111. 
I've stopped using Invision since none of my stakeholders could get past (or did not want to get past) the login creation required to view whiteboards. 

It looks like the issue still occasionally happens.

How do I send you the clip?


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