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Adjusting Enterprise security settings

Enterprise admins can set certain password requirements for InVision users within their organization.

To access password security settings:

  1. Sign in to your InVision Enterprise account.
  2. In the main navigation, click People.
  3. Click the ••• menu.
  4. Click Security.

    Acessing InVision V6 Enterprise security sections

The following options can be enabled in the password policy settings modal:

  • Minimum password length: Specify a minimum of characters to be used in the passwords of your Enterprise members.
  • Enforce password complexity: Require an uppercase, lowercase, and numerical character in the password.
  • Enable password expiration: Require members to define a new password at specific intervals.
  • Prevent password reuse: Do not allow that members use old passwords.
Password policy options available in InVision V6 Enterprise

Password security settings apply to all of a user’s credentials within multi-tenant, as a user and their password are shared across their enterprises. In the case of a user with multiple enterprise memberships, the most restrictive password policy across all of these organizations will be applied to create the user’s personal password policy.

For security best practices, please check out this article: InVision guide to security