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Linked Documents

This content applies specifically to InVision V7. If you’re on InVision V6, this info does not apply. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Linked documents are freehands or specs that have been published from the screens of a prototype and can be updated with new screen versions. They allow designers to share their work with more context, either as a spec for developer hand-off, or as a freehand for design critiques and whiteboarding.

You'll see the linked documents sidebar when working on the screens overview page. This sidebar makes it easier to create and update linked documents. From there, you can also access and update other documents that belong to the same space.

Create a new linked document

To create a new linked document without leaving your prototype:

  1. Select the screens you want to include in the linked document.

    If you don't select any screens, all prototype screens will be sent to the linked document by default.

  2. Drag the selected screens to the Linked documents sidebar on the right side, and drop them on either the Create Freehand or Create Spec callout.
  3. In the Add screens modal, enter a name for the document and click Create. Alternatively, navigate to the Select existing tab to add the screens to an existing document.
    Creating a new linked freehand or spec from the screens overview page

Once you create a new linked document, you'll see it in the Linked documents sidebar for quick access.

You can create as many linked documents as needed for any given prototype.

Save a little time when selecting screens! To grab multiple screens at once and retain their order, click and drag over the screens. Alternatively, select the first one, hold the Shift key, and select the last screen in the series. To grab all screens at once, select the first one, and click Select all in the contextual bulk actions bar at the bottom.

Update linked documents

To update the screens in a linked document:

  1. Select the screens you want to update in the linked document.
  2. Drag the selected screens to the Linked documents sidebar and drop them on the thumbnail of the document you want to update.

    Dragging and dropping prototype screens to update a linked freehand document

Use the bulk actions bar

As an alternative to dragging and dropping screens to the Linked Documents sidebar, you can also take advantage of the Send to button in the contextual bulk actions bar that appears when one or more screens are selected. 

Here is how you send screens using the bulk actions bar:

  1. Select the screens you want to update in the linked document.
  2. Click the Send to button in the bulk actions bar that appears at the bottom.
  3. In the Add modal, choose either Freehand or Spec, and Create a new document or Update an existing one.

    Using the bulk actions bar to send screens to linked documents.

View and update other documents

Under Other documents, you can find and update documents that belong to the same space as the prototype you're viewing.

Before you can view or update other documents, first you'll need to add the source prototype or set of screens to a V7 space. The space will serve as your project hub that houses all related documents in a central, organized location.

To move the prototype to a space without leaving the screens overview page, click Add this prototype to a space on the linked documents sidebar, or click Add to space under the prototype name at the top left.

To learn other ways to move documents to a space, please check out this article: Adding or moving InVision V7 documents to a space

Adding a prototype to a space from the linked documents sidebar

Once you've added your prototype to a space, you will be able to send your prototype screens to other documents within the space the same way you would update a linked document.

You can only send prototype screens to freehands and specs. It is not possible to send screens to a board or another prototype.