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How do I toggle between grid and list view on the screens overview page in InVision V7?

When working on the Screens overview page of an InVision V7 prototype, you have two layout options for displaying your screens:

  • Grid view (invision-v7-screens-overview-grid-view-icon.png)
  • List view (invision-v7-screens-overview-list-view-icon.png)

Reviewing screen details at a glance

Both the Grid view and List view include the following details for each screen:

  • Screen thumbnail

  • Screen name

  • Timestamp marking when the screen was last updated

  • Any screen labels applied

  • Number of comments

  • More (•••) menu—revealed when hovering over the screen

Toggling between Grid view and List view

To toggle from Grid view—which is the default layout—to List view:

  1. Open the prototype.
  2. Near the top-right corner of the Screens overview page, click the List view icon (invision-v7-screens-overview-grid-view-icon.png).
    To revert the layout, simply click the Grid view icon (invision-v7-screens-overview-list-view-icon.png).