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Getting Started

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Freehand Collaboration

InVision Freehand is the incredibly diverse online whiteboard that's empowering teams to create together in real time. 

Sharing a freehand

Inviting others to join your freehand takes just a moment, and there are two ways to share:

  • Add people to your freehand
  • Share a document link to the freehand

Invite people

To invite people to a document:

  1. Open the freehand and, at the top right, click the Share button.
  2. In the To: field, enter the name of the person you want to invite.
    If you want to add someone who isn't yet a member of your team, enter their email address.
  3. To the right of the To: field, click the drop-down and select Can edit or Can review.
  4. Click the Invite button.

Share a document link

Document links are the main URLs for prototypes, boards, and freehands.

To share a document link to your freehand:

  1. While viewing the Freehand, navigate to the top-right corner and click Share.
  2. To the right of Copy Link, click Settings.
  3. Under Who can Open this Document?, choose an option:
    • Anyone with the link
    • Members of [your team] with the link
    • People invited
  4. Under What can they do?, choose between:
    • Edit, draw and view
    • View only
  5. Click Save.
  6. To the left of the Settings link, click Copy Link.

You can now send that link to anyone you want to join your freehand.


Presenting a freehand

Presenting a freehand allows others to see the project from your perspective. If you are presenting, anyone currently viewing the freehand will follow the actions you take.

To start a presentation, go to the top of the page and click the present icon (). To stop presenting, click the stop icon ().

You can independently follow a specific collaborator's actions by navigating to the top-right corner of the page and clicking their avatar. To stop following a collaborator, click their avatar again. Click the present icon to take over as presenter at any time.