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InVision Sync to be sunset on April 26th, 2021

Effective Monday, April 26th, 2021, InVision Sync will be disabled and removed from the InVision product suite.

If you're one of the few remaining InVision Sync loyalists, you will need to move any files from the InVision Sync server to your local machine or another directory before April 26th, 2021—at which point you'll lose access to the InVision Sync server and will need to use Craft Sync to publish prototypes to InVision.

To make your transition as painless as possible for you, we've included additional context and support resources below.

Reasons for disabling the tool

Investing resources in our methods for publishing prototypes has resulted in considerable advancements to our Craft Sync plugin for Sketch or Photoshop. The Craft Sync plugin lives right there in your design tool, so you can sync new prototypes (or changes to specific artboards) to InVision without leaving your design canvas.

Craft Sync for Sketch also boasts powerful features such as prototyping and the ability to inspect the development data that's so critical to developers' workflow.

Because InVision Sync is slower, lacks the rich feature set that Craft Sync provides, and has seen usage drastically decline, we've decided to formally end support and development of InVision Sync in roughly 3 months (90 days from January 25th). This decision also allows to focus our attention and resources on further improving Craft and other InVision features.

Who's affected

The InVision Sync sunset will primarily impact two types of InVision users:

  • People who currently use InVision Sync 
  • Admins for teams and Enterprises that currently use InVision Sync

Not sure if you've been using InVision Sync? No problem! Just open Mac's Finder and check for an InVision Sync folder in the sidebar. You can also check for the folder via your Macintosh drive:
Macintosh HD > Users > your username > InVision 

Action required

Anyone who has uploaded files via InVision Sync will need to migrate those files before losing access to the InVision Sync server on April 26th, 2021. For help with that process, and for adopting Craft Sync, see this article: Switching from InVision Sync to Craft Sync

To help ensure that no one who uses InVision Sync regularly will be left in a bind, we'll reach out by email to anyone who's used the tool within the last 90 days.

What else can you expect after making the switch to Craft Sync? Faster, more reliable performance as well as frequent feature additions, improvements, and bug fixes. In short, you can look forward to adopting a prototype syncing tool that gets constant love and attention from our dedicated engineers.

In the rare case that an individual misses all of our communication and, therefore, has files left on the InVision Sync server after April 26th, please submit a support request for assistance.